Daniel McSorley wrote:

> From: Pieter A de Jong
> >Daniel, I really don't think you have much experience with forest fires.
> Never said I did :)
> >Even accidental lightning strike fires consume thousands of acres. With
> >human encouraging the fires, rather than fighting them, the whole forest
> >is going to go up. Spiders die in fires like that, just like everything
> >else does. Second, how many spider do you think that there are within
> >crawling distance. It's not like they move very fast. Three, dig a
> >trench around your camp and fill it with water. Not to many spiders
> >swim
> >that well.
> >
> In the Iron Throne, didn't the people try to burn or hack their way
> through the spiderwebs in the Spiderfell? It didn't work very fast. And to
> get close enough to set the place on fire, your men still expose themselves
> to bites from the critters.

How about catapults with buckets of Greek Fire (?Basaia's Water as a BR name?).
In defense of the Spider, also remember that he has many goblinoids to fight the
fires. The Spiderfell is also a very damp place.