From: Pieter A de Jong
>Daniel, I really don't think you have much experience with forest fires.
Never said I did :)

>Even accidental lightning strike fires consume thousands of acres. With
>human encouraging the fires, rather than fighting them, the whole forest
>is going to go up. Spiders die in fires like that, just like everything
>else does. Second, how many spider do you think that there are within
>crawling distance. It's not like they move very fast. Three, dig a
>trench around your camp and fill it with water. Not to many spiders
>that well.
In the Iron Throne, didn't the people try to burn or hack their way
through the spiderwebs in the Spiderfell? It didn't work very fast. And to
get close enough to set the place on fire, your men still expose themselves
to bites from the critters.
Second, lots of spiders :) And they won't burn, at least not the
majority, since the Spider will tell them to head for the hills.
Fill a trench with water? What? How big? Where are you going to get
all this water, and it still won't stop the larger than normal spiders that
live there, which can carry little ones on their backs!

Daniel McSorley-