Daniel McSorley wrote:
> From: Pieter A de Jong
> >The one problem I have with this in the Spider's case is that the
> >home-court
> >advantage is just to tenous. As a player, I could see myself taking the
> >Spiders realm in 2 or 3 turns. Simply set forest fires. Lots of them.
> >Follow the fires in and fortify the burned areas. Make him come to you,
> >or
> >loose his realm a bite at a time.
> Your brave men set fire to the lands, which burns out a couple of acres.
> They set up camp, and prepare to repeat the procedure soon. In the middle
> of the night, hundreds of black widow/ brown recluse/ Cerilian red spiders
> come crawling into camp, and no one wakes up the next morning...

Daniel, I really don't think you have much experience with forest fires.
Even accidental lightning strike fires consume thousands of acres. With
human encouraging the fires, rather than fighting them, the whole forest
is going to go up. Spiders die in fires like that, just like everything
else does. Second, how many spider do you think that there are within
crawling distance. It's not like they move very fast. Three, dig a
trench around your camp and fill it with water. Not to many spiders
that well.

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Pieter A de Jong
Graduate Mechanical Engineering Student
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada