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> such a powerful awnsegh yet they give him such a week realm. Yes it's
> true he has a true bloodline, but if his realms is as week as it looks
> why hasn't Diemed or Ghoere or anyone else for that matter wiped him
> off the map.
> >>
> Well for one thing you can't march an army into the Spiderfell. It is too
> thick to fight more then 1 unit against 1 unit, and even then the Spider's
> people would have the big advantage. This is a black, dark, forrest. IMC it is
> always home to several portals to the Shadow Realm, and indeed a terrifing
> place. A good rule of thumb for small realmed powerul Villians is to make the
> home court advantage too great to march an army against them. This would
> explain why no army took those lands in the past. I find that the only way to
> beat these terrible foes is to beat them on an Adventure, just like any normal
> campaign.

The one problem I have with this in the Spider's case is that the
advantage is just to tenous. As a player, I could see myself taking the
Spiders realm in 2 or 3 turns. Simply set forest fires. Lots of them.
Follow the fires in and fortify the burned areas. Make him come to you,
loose his realm a bite at a time.
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