One thing I have always had a problem with is they say the Spider is
such a powerful awnsegh yet they give him such a week realm. Yes it's
true he has a true bloodline, but if his realms is as week as it looks
why hasn't Diemed or Ghoere or anyone else for that matter wiped him
off the map.


- ---the Falcon wrote:
> > That might be true but there are a lot of awnsegh in Anuire and the
> > one in Anuire are super powerful some of the most powerful in all of
> > Anuire. One like the Gorgon, the Spider and the Manslayer.
> Well, it is true that the three abominations you mention have True
> bloodlines, but look at it like this:
> For one thing, the Spider, the Manslayer, and the Chimaera have very
> domains. Both the Spiderfell and Rhuobhe consist of only one
> The Chimaeron may be bigger, but it can field only one unit of
> constabulary, when it fields anything at all. Further, the Spider
> pretty lost most of his mental faculties, and the same holds more or
> true for the Chimaera, who can't be bothered to invest much in her
> anyways. Rhuobhe can be considered dangerous, but only if you live
> next to him. So that only leaves us with the Gorgon. Granted, he
has a
> pretty big realm, two additional puppet realms and pretty big army,
but it
> isn't like the Gorgon is coming out of his fortress in
Kal-Saitharak. So
> the only awnshegh you really have to fear in Anuire is the Gorgon, and
> even then mostly because of his army and not of his person.
> - the Falcon
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