The Talanie source book states that the climate is subtropical, like
florida I would assume.


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> > Hello,
> > Just a few quick questions to those who know about weather
> reasonably
> > well(and have a better imagination than me)....what would the
> weather be
> > like in Talanie?(I think quite rainy and somewhat warm, never below
> +10
> > degrees Celsius and never above +35).... because it is on the coast
> and all
> > and what adverse effects would it have upon an adventuring party?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Terence
> Weather is a very difficult thing to determine purely on the facts
> presented in the boxed set. Let me see, Talinie is located at the feet
> of mountains and at a large ocean at the west. The location of Cerilia
> could be compared with Europe (though the continent is smaller then
> Europe). Lets also assume that their is a warm current in the ocean
> west
> of Talinie, which could explain the forests on Thaele. In this case
> the
> climate in Talanie could be compared to the Western European nations
> like the Netherlands, Great Brittain and Ireland. Meaning that you can
> expact rain in every season, but esspecially in the spring, autumn and
> winter. Near the mountains the amount of rain would even be larger
> when
> these mountains force the air to rise. The weather will be
> unpredictable.
> Winters would seldomly be under freezing temperatures, but most
> of the
> time around 4 degrees Celcius. Snow is a rare thing and when it falls
> it
> will be mostly stay for only a few day's. This is not because there
> will
> be no cold winters, but because these cold winters will only be if the
> wind is from the east or north-east. These winds will be dry air (all
> moisture lost in the Five Peaks) and hence the sky will be clear blue.
> The coldest month would be the end of January, February and the
> beginning of March. This is also the storm period, who would come from
> the west. These storms can be destructive, but they would almost never
> reach the force of tropical cyclone's, certainly not further inland.
> Summers will seldomly be warmer then 20 to 25 degrees Celcius
> and
> almost never higher then 30 degrees Celcius. This extreme hot weather
> will seldomly stay for more then two weeks and will almost always end
> in
> thunder storms (tornado's will be extremely rare or even
> non-existent).
> These hot period will take place in July and esspecially August. Most
> of
> the time the weather will be around 17 till 20 degrees Celcius.
> Extreme weather, except extreme amounts of rain (which could
> happen in
> every season), will be very rare.
> I hope this helps. But as I told in the beginning of this E-mail, the
> weather on Cerilia is difficult to explain because of the lack on
> information. There is no knowlegde on ocean currents, the locations
> and
> forms of other large continents (like Djapar and Aduria) or the
> longitudal location of Cerilia. For example, if the coast before
> Talinie
> is a place were cold deep ocean water raises to the surface, the
> climate
> will be very different (a lot dryer for instance).
> Pieter Sleijpen
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