> That might be true but there are a lot of awnsegh in Anuire and the
> one in Anuire are super powerful some of the most powerful in all of
> Anuire. One like the Gorgon, the Spider and the Manslayer.

Well, it is true that the three abominations you mention have True
bloodlines, but look at it like this:
For one thing, the Spider, the Manslayer, and the Chimaera have very weak
domains. Both the Spiderfell and Rhuobhe consist of only one province.
The Chimaeron may be bigger, but it can field only one unit of
constabulary, when it fields anything at all. Further, the Spider has
pretty lost most of his mental faculties, and the same holds more or less
true for the Chimaera, who can't be bothered to invest much in her realm
anyways. Rhuobhe can be considered dangerous, but only if you live right
next to him. So that only leaves us with the Gorgon. Granted, he has a
pretty big realm, two additional puppet realms and pretty big army, but it
isn't like the Gorgon is coming out of his fortress in Kal-Saitharak. So
the only awnshegh you really have to fear in Anuire is the Gorgon, and
even then mostly because of his army and not of his person.

- the Falcon