Jeff Dunnett wrote:
> You have a point this could be true. I was thinking along those line
> too. I also thought maybe it was because the designer went with the
> story lines that the Anuireans conquered most of Cerilla therefore
> need high bloodlines to generate enough regency to keep them.
> This question of high bloodlines came up in a campaign where a regent
> of mine had a enemy mage try and take my source. I could generate
> enough regency with my minor bloodline to hold my sources. The enemy
> mage had a major bloodline and could out rp me everytime.

You could agree to a very profitible vassalage arrangement to boost your
rp income. In a current campaign, a priest regent has decided to become
a vassal of the landed regent. The priest regent earned some much money,
that he had money left to spend on frivolous stuff. Because of his
bloodline though, he lacked the rp to be more effective in fighting
other temples. In exhchange for 10 GB per turn, the landed regent (who
lacked money, but who earned about 45 rp each turn) gives him 10 rp.
Which gives the priest the chance to fight better or even raise his

Pieter Sleijpen