That might be true but there are a lot of awnsegh in Anuire and the
one in Anuire are super powerful some of the most powerful in all of
Anuire. One like the Gorgon, the Spider and the Manslayer.

- ---the Falcon wrote:
> > Yeah I know most of the Khanasi bloodlines suck. Have you also
> > noticed that most of the main Anuirean Regents have god awfully high
> > bloodlines. Does anyoen have any ideas as to why this is so?
> Maybe it's to balance the fact that there are so little awnsheghlien
> Anuire and vice versa in Khinasi. I mean, in Khinasi your dangerous
> opponent will most likely be an awnshegh, while in Anuire you're bound
> surrounded by big bloodlines. I guess the idea is that each region
> its own dangers.
> - the Falcon
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