You have a point this could be true. I was thinking along those line
too. I also thought maybe it was because the designer went with the
story lines that the Anuireans conquered most of Cerilla therefore
need high bloodlines to generate enough regency to keep them.

This question of high bloodlines came up in a campaign where a regent
of mine had a enemy mage try and take my source. I could generate
enough regency with my minor bloodline to hold my sources. The enemy
mage had a major bloodline and could out rp me everytime.


- ---Mark A Vandermeulen wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Jeff Dunnett wrote:
> > Yeah I know most of the Khanasi bloodlines suck. Have you also
> > noticed that most of the main Anuirean Regents have god awfully high
> > bloodlines. Does anyoen have any ideas as to why this is so?
> Well, the obvious thought is that the ancestors of the current regents
> partook in a lot of bloodtheft during the Wars of Conquest that
formed the
> Anuirean Empire. But perhaps that's being a bit too jaded.
> It is also possible that their ancestors were vassals of the Emperor
> Anuire, and due to the general stability of the era, ended up not
have all
> that much to do with their Regency Points, and so ended up dumping a
> of them into raising their Bloodlines. There may even have been social
> reasons for this: social standing being paritally determined by who is
> considered "suitable" for marriage for the daughters of the leading
> families, due to the dillution effect of bloodlines. Thus, many lesser
> families might have seen the easiest way to get ahead was to build up
> their bloodlines to be more "acceptable." Also probably helped
> the "civilized" families of Anuire from the "Border Barons" who
lived and
> held in more distant and more problematic (and therefore less
> regions of the Empire (i.e. Khinasi, Rjuric, and Brechtur).
> Take your pick, or assume a bit o' both.
> Mark VanderMeulen
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