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    Azrai`s Servants

    Damn good stuff, Tim N.!

    I must say I'm very impressed. I had to double check who this last posting
    was from, because it sounded so solid, I thought it could be official!

    I very much enjoy your perception of the human gods. They explain the elven
    position well. Until now, I viewed the elves as simply far too headstrong and
    proud to admit there were human gods who could do magic better. This
    explanation shows that even the old human gods are not the ultimate creators
    or Cerilia. One can even see how elves, dwarves, and goblins could decide
    that the human gods should have no place in their homeland--interlopers in the
    land of Cerilia!

    Yet, on the other side, now humanity has truly great symbols of their
    strength. The first of them became gods! What race can say that? Even now,
    the greatest of humanity arose 2000 years ago to take the place of the
    originals, the Adams and Eves of humanity on Aebyrnis. These gods, having
    normal human origins, illustrate the pinnacle of human success, for they can
    challenge the power of those gods whose origins are truly unknowable and

    Thanks, Tim. Your ideas have opened whole new landscapes of invention in my

    Dustin Evermore

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    Pieter A de Jong

    Azrai`s Servants

    Tim Nutting wrote a post on Azrai's Servants, and I like it a lot! It
    fits very well with some of my own thoughts on Aebrynnis, pre-deismaar.

    > Their gods likewise lived in a semi-balance. In a convention since
    > disbanded by the new gods, and unheard of in the multiverse, the gods knew
    > that to compete so openly would be to destroy the fragile balance of the
    > southlands. Unlike any other sphere in the Prime, in Aebyrnis the gods
    > walked openly.

    This fits in perfectly with my ideas about the elven-human wars. I say
    that direct divine intervention would be required for the humans to win
    those wars, and here we are, pre-deismaar, with the gods stomping around
    fully manifested.

    A very nice job Tim.

    Pieter A de Jong
    Graduate Mechanical Engineering Student
    University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada

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