>>I'm preparing a Khinasi PBEM, and I am pretty much convinced that the
>>is *not* an awnshegh. Why would he be? He does not have the Bloodform
>>ability, which makes awnsheghlien.
>>IMO the Magian is just a "normal" Khinasi/Basarji human wizard who became

A few years back when this setting was just getting published, I started a
dialogue with Colin McComb, one of the designers. I even had the pleasure of
sharing a meal with the fella, a really good guy I might add.

The meat of our discussions was of course Cerilia. The topic of the Magian
up at one time or another and he let spill some secrets to me. Course, they
never published, so perhaps they were just his ideas of where this Magian
from. Being that the game is out of print, I don't think I will be
prematurely spilling
the beans by sharing what I was told. ;)

All this is just from my memory, I never wrote it down, so if Colin steps up
to correct
me I will graciously accept that my mind is finally slipping...

The Magian is one of Thirteen wizards who were pulled aside by Azrai in the
before Deismaar. In truth, I got the impression that they were pulled aside
prior to the
flight to the continent of Cerilia. These wizards were taught the secrets of
True Magic
by Azrai, and let forth upon the world to serve their god.

The implications of this alone are dynamic. Unless Azrai right there and
then gave each
of the wizards a bit of his divinity, this would not be possible under the
current rules
unless they were elves, which I don't think the Magian ever was.

The Thirteen were most likely present at Deismaar and would have been very
deadly as
the only holders of True Magic there who would love the big damage spells as
the Elves
tend to avoid intense and widespread damage that is not completely

He didn't tell me the names of any other wizards in the service of Azrai,
nor did he tell me
that they *were* at Deismaar, or if the whole lot of them survived. He
essentially only told
me that they were made by Azrai. Everything else is conjecture from this

Assuming that some of the thirteen did survive Deismaar, they would be the
capable of ruling in Aduria as they would have become blooded unless they
were dead or undead already when the great explosion came. The Thirteen,
a combination of Godlike and Wizardly power would easily be able to take the
remnants of Azrai's forces south and start rebuilding.

Now then, give a few thousand years for the rise and fall of Anuire, and old
rockbutt, and
the Thirteen again set their eyes on the land to the north. The Magian being
the boldest
of them all (or perhaps the last) goes on a blitzkrieg attack and picks up
his new land
and foothold in Cerilia with relative ease.

What comes from this is of course going to depend on all our individual
Perhaps a few other wizards will attack other parts of Cerilia. That's a
concept if they are as powerfull as the Magian. Perhaps they come to his
land and
really raise some Shadow Hell in the Khinasi lands. Perhaps the strike from
shadow world????

I really thought this was a cool idea that left a lot open for any DM to
work with.

Hell, if you trace his lineage back far enough, the Magian might have even
worshipped Vorynn in the days of yore before Azrai tempted him and
12 others into darkness. This alone makes a great legend/story for

Hope this is thought provoking.