Wizards do gain regency points for there sources, depending on the power
of them, its not as much as a ruler of a realm would get, because there
is not as many things that a wizard needs to worry about, like people.
And another thing I don't write to this thing very often but one thing I
have noticed is that some people seem to have diarrea of the mouth and
just run on about things without checking there references to find out
if it is true or not and I have found many mistakes in what people have
put on here without even closely looking for them.

Peter Wiyda

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> sure
> as hell don't represent any people. If so, then why on Cerilia would
> the
> magic potential inversely correlate to the province rating? And if
> so,
> there would be an awful lot more mages on the surface of Aebrynis.
> Only
> source holdings of 7 or greater have some people tied to them - a
> guild
> (0), probably consisting a small magicians' guild.
> >>
> More power means more respect. I think your missing the boat on this
> one.
> Regency nhas no correlation to the number of people, just the amount
> of
> *worship* (put in relavent class word) a regent gets. Wizard's power
> stems
> from the populous, not "their" people.
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