They are both the result of the bloodform, where as the azari blood line
is the only evil one that can change the overall form of a person
permently, after and during the transformation the scion has control of
his own actions, whether they be good or bad. While Blood trait is a
power that temperarily changes the form of a part of the scions body to
aid them perform another blood ability.

Peter Wiyda

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> Subject: Re: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Mental Effects of Awnsheglienism
> Mark A Vandermeulen wrote:
> > The good-aligned "blood-transformed" are called Ersheghlein, which I
> > believe is elvish for "blood of light" rather than "blood of
> darkness" or
> > something similarly picturesque. In effect they go through the same
> sort
> > of transformation as the awnsheighlein, a change in their body's
> shape and
> > form as their bodies attempt to make the best use of the power that
> their
> > divine blood can give them. They are definitely described in the
> "Blood
> > Enemies" book, some examples are the Fae, the Unicorn, and some
> ranger in
> > Rjuric who is becoming "the Badger" or something. Apparently it is a
> much
> > slower/more painful/more difficult process than the transformation
> to
> > awnsheghlein. Also, the process is apparently virtually unknown. In
> my
> > case, I've ruled that the procedure is only writen down is a book
> called
> > the "Lorebook of the Mage-Kings of Yond," most copies of which were
> > destroyed by the Gorgon, who realized that Ersheghlein constitute
> the
> > biggest threat to his continued existence.
> Well I seem to totally disagree here. First of all, Ersheghlein are
> the result
> of bloodtrait, not bloodform (which is Azrai only). Bloodtrait is
> available to
> all the good bloodlines (ie. all but Azrai). Therefore, Ersheghlein
> cannot be
> decended from Azrai. Thier bloodtrait is controlled, they basically
> get to
> choose how much they want to change and what they change. Bloodform
> is
> uncontrolled, it is based on the charachter's use of his blood
> abilities and
> his evil actions. It seems to me that strictly by the books, a
> ersheglien
> could be evil (there are plenty of evil, non-Azrai scions). He would
> be
> superior to the awnsheglien because he could control his change. I
> feel the
> ersheglien process is something perpetuated by deep, internal desires.
> One has
> much more control over it than awnsheglien (Who change whenever they
> use a
> power).
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