Morg wrote:
> Short and skinny of it folks, is that I think it is a more realistic portrayal of Cerilia where not every realm/domain can manage itself at the level described in the books. How many stores & businesses shut down on a daily basis because the money going out is more than the money coming in? Debt, is one of the primary motivators in a Birthright campaign, and in the hands of a skilled Dm, it can become a wonderful campaign device. I suggest you use it.<
> At least, that's the way I see it.<

Here, here! Yea! My man, Keith! :D

Actually, this is exactly what I do in _every_ domain a new player
starts in. Either there are too many castles, the army is to big, court
too high, or conversely every thing is too small! Moreover, those
aren't the only problems - then I throw in intrigue, feuds, state crisis
and the occasional wandering awnsheghlien. Life is never dull for my
players! Now, for instance, in the Vos region I'm running now, I
deliberately made the army large/provinces small, and forbid them from
ruling anything up for 2 years. Moreover, they weren't as big as their
neighbours surrounding them, so they couldn't reduce their army to
survive. In effect, the players HAVE HAD to go to war to survive. Just
the way it should be in a Vos campaign, I reckon! :)

Now if the BR designers would only have done the same with levels and
bloodedness ...