I have recently had a player express dislike over his choice of
bloodline, saying that Azrai has all the really neat ones. The campaign
is well underway so I can't just change it, although I though I could
grant the player his wish and at the same time throw in the stuff for a
lot of adventures/roleplaying. Well I was drawing a blank of how to
change the bloodline derivination until I came across page 65 in Blood
Enemies. Listed there is a spell called "Corrupt Bloodline" that
changes the victim's bloodline into Azrai and grants his 1d4 extra Azrai
abilities in addition to his current ones (which I have decided fuction
as the old derivination). The victim also gets bloodform. The idea
didn't really bother me, but I couldn't find any examples of a
good-aligned awnsheglien. So I would like to hear some other opinions
of how being an awnsheglien effects one's personality. The player's
internal conflict with his evil bloodline is fairly sure to be fun
(although I do have a backup plan if the player is miserable with it).
How does this change work? The Manticore was once a Paladin of Avani
(LG) but is now Lawful Neutral (I'm pretty sure).