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    TSR Product Questions-Not much

    On Tue, 16 Feb 1999, Morg wrote:

    > Hey all!
    > This is all waaaay off topic, but please, humour me for the moment.
    > First off, I have a question regarding the 'Jakandor' 3 part series.
    > What the heck is it? I saw it today for the first time, and I am mighty
    > confused. Is it an expansion setting for Forgotten Realms? Greyhawk? Or
    > a new setting altogether? (Like we need another...) I was going o by
    > it, but then I saw the Birthright shelf!!!! :)
    I believe that the Jakandor series is in their Oddessy (sp?) line. This line
    is a separate setting thats purpose is to allow you to play the Natives of
    Jakandor either as a stand alone or easily stuck into your campaign. It is
    not part of one of TSR's major lines.
    > Third question: Is the mapper that is in the Core Rules compatible with
    > CC2 and vice versa?
    I won't find that out until I get a better monitor, $%#*@$^^~!


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    Samuel Weiss

    TSR Product Questions-Not much

    Jakandor is a set of three products meant to present a specific campaign
    concept, unrelated to any particular setting, though with some work able to
    fit in on the fringe of just about any setting.







    Jakandor itself is meant to showcase a conflict between two ostensibly Good
    cultures, one predominantly Lawful, the Charonti, and one predominantly
    Chaotic, the Knorr.
    As well, both come with some other intriguing cultural quirks as well.
    The Charonti are predominantly mage oriented, and also have a strong
    necromantic urge. They use zombies and skeletons for most all their manual
    labor needs.
    The Knorr are predominantly warrior oriented, and while they have an
    extremely strict code of conduct, it only applies when dealing with
    recognized members of their own society. Anyone and anything else can be
    dealt with as nastily and treacherously as desired.
    Yet both groups are much more Good than Evil. They just have a few
    fundamental cultural differences that make them likely to greet each other
    violently rather than peacefully.
    Overall, I found it to be quite interesting. For BR purposes, you could
    consider the Charonti to be a remnant of the Vos that never turned from
    Vorynn during the time of Azrai's whisperings, and the Knorr to be a
    splinter group of Rjurik with a different religious pattern. Then just place
    Jakandor off somewhere in the middle of an ocean. You would definitely have
    to do some work to introduce bloodlines and holdings of various sorts, but
    that is required to retrofit anything into BR.


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    TSR Product Questions-Not much

    In a message dated 2/16/99 2:40:58 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:


    Well, I can help ya with this. The Jakandor series is about an island and the
    two cultures of humans that live there. One is a shamanistic barbarian culture
    and the other is a necromantic wizard culture. The books present the island
    and a campaign based on the island from each cultures point of view. The last
    book has a series of adventure hooks and short adventures to start out with.
    Jakandor is meant to be generic. It is not set in any particular world, and
    is intended ta drop into some large ocean in any word (ok, except maybe
    Athas). the books are pretty good, and give lots of little details of each
    culture to heighten the tension between the two as they fight to control the
    Did that description help?

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