Hey all!

This is all waaaay off topic, but please, humour me for the moment.

First off, I have a question regarding the 'Jakandor' 3 part series.
What the heck is it? I saw it today for the first time, and I am mighty
confused. Is it an expansion setting for Forgotten Realms? Greyhawk? Or
a new setting altogether? (Like we need another...) I was going o by
it, but then I saw the Birthright shelf!!!! :)

Second, I wanted know how TSR gathers their 'sale info'. I mean, do
they just base their sales from what they ship to their suppliers, or
how is this done? I just stumbled onto a trove of Birthright products
at my local shop, and dropped $120.00 Canuck bucks on Birthright
products. Birthright is *STILL* selling, but is TSR aware of these

Third question: Is the mapper that is in the Core Rules compatible with
CC2 and vice versa?

Thanks folks. Gotta go read all my new BR books! :) oh happy day!!!!!


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