>Anyway, yet another reason why I don't use AD&D to play Birthright anymore.

I know what you mean. My long time friends have abandon D&D for GURPS and
other systems. I have chosen to reform the system, rather than leave it,
but we are, in any case, what are known to wargamers as grognards.

Regarding hit points, its been a quite a dimelma for me, because this system
is frought with alot of problems, so that I have often attempted to revise
it away and replace it with various other injury models. Ultimatly, I have
decided that what the D&D hp system does very well is model the differences
between the hero and the rest of society. Nevertheless, I have taken the
D&D hp system as is and add 10 hps to everything from kobald on up. Low
level beings are much advantages, without effecting higher HD creatures too
much. It tends to flatten the impact of HD progression and invites players
to think more tactically in combat. I have devised a new AC system,
several weapons proficiancies, require endurance checks after 15 rounds of
combat, and so forth, all in an effort to create a combat system that is
more plausible to myself and my grognard friends. My local players, have
typically been pleased.

Kenneth Gauck