The one PC wizard IMC wants to create source holdings on the isle of
Caelcorwynn as well as on Albiele Island. Both islands are well within
150 miles of his sources in the Erebannien, so he could forge a ley line
to them. Since both Caelcorwynn and Albiele both aren't provinces and
thus are quite untouched by civilization, I'd say he could probably
establish a source on both of em and eventually rule those sources to
level 9, provided someone doesn't do a create province on them in the
meanwhile and rule down the magic ratings.
But what are the limits on establishing "overseas" holdings? I mean, can
anyone from coastlands of Anuire just create a holding in Mieres? Or in
any other coastal province for that matter? Come to that, the Rulebook
doesn't even give limits for creating holdings in landlocked realms. If I
were to take the rules literally, regents could only create holdings in
those provinces where they already or of which they are ruler. Also, the
Rulebook say that creating a province that isn't adjacent to any of the
provinces you already own, costs thrice as much as normal. However, it
doesn't state what's "normal".
So, as you can see, I'm desperately looking for advice. Please feel free
to give any.

- the Falcon

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