Hi all,

First off, I am new to the list, so if I am asking material already well
known, I apologize.

If you could, however, answer me these questions three...I'd appreciate it.

1) I am aware of Muden and Halskapa as "non published" but available Domain
Books - either through the www.tsr.com or as promo freebies to RPGA members
(in Halskapa's case). Were there any other Domain books published for RPGA

2) While I am running Birthright - I am not using the AD&D rules for my
campaign. I am using Rolemaster and find Birthright is particularly well
suited for adaptation to this system. Anybody else here doing this with some
pointers and/or house rules? (or using another system for the seting other
than AD&D?). I really do find that Birthright is one of the few TSR products
which is fresh, unique and very well crafted and its open structure makes it
very adaptable. Shame it is on permanent hiatus.

3) Lastly, regarding the Muden Player's Domain Book: Is it just me - or is
Muden running a severe deficit according to the published Net text? For a
domain which supposedly needs little for the new Regent to do to assist it
along, the standing army seems large, the court expensive and the tax base
WAY too damn small. It is - to me - on the brink of financial ruin...

Thanks in advance...