From: Olesens
>I would assume that the regent would give back RP to her vassals like the
>does. But this brings up another question: Can Investure RP transfers be
>variable? Could you say "give me X RP and I'll give you X minus whatever I
>like keeping back"? What about RP amounts based on some formula (Total
RP -
>amount of gold given to master = amount of RP needed to donate)?
I'm not sure I understand this, but the way I would do it was this.
Someone said there are 26 temples, right? The main regent would require 1
RP from each temple, and 1 GB from each temple. Automatic income of 26 RP
and GB every turn. Anything above and beyond that, the local vassals get to
keep for themselves. Now, this might be profitable for the vassals
initially, since the temples might not all generate more than 1 GB every
turn, but long term, everyone will make a lot of GB and RP off that deal.
The vassals deal with the random events and such, and the regent
administrates, deals with problems affecting everyone, etc.
Or the other way would be to have everything come to the regent, all GB
and RP, and then he grants (free action) money back out at need.

Daniel McSorley-