She may be a not be a cleric but a fighter with the right faith can run
a temple, just like a fighter can be a guild master of a thieves guild.
The person in charge of a holding does not have to be what everyone else
is that runs that holding, a leader is a leader no matter his or her
occupation. Just a little tip from BiggSexxxy. Sleep on it. Thank
you, no applaud please.

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> >> The SOH is a big domain (26 temple holdings in total) - maybe this
> vassal
> >> technique increases their success.
> >Except that she does not earn any RP, which will make her rather
> >ineffective as a ruler.
> >
> That was the point of the "vassal technique" comment. All or most
> of the
> holdings are held in vassalage by local high priests, who pass on GB
> and RP
> to the main temple and its lady.
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