You most likey have heard of Dan McSorley's holding page project to help
out those starting new PBeMs
( Well that idea
plus Morgrammen's new webpage (the Spider's something or other) spawned
an idea in me for a page devoted totally to starting a PBeM. I hope to
include advice, warnings, and information on commonly used PBeM rule
changes. I will be asking for other stuff later, but now I'd like to
hear your ideas on the steps. My steps (which I don't particuarly like)
are listed here:

Step 1: The Basic Basics (Chose region and player limit)
Step 2: Rules (pick out any rule changes you'd like to make)
Step 3: Turn Style (self explanatory)
Step 4: Web Page Creation (inc. premade holding pages)
Step 5: Extras (Message board, etc)
Step 6: Pregame News/Rumors
Step 7: Invite Players
Step 8: Running the Game