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From: Jim Cooper
Date: Friday, February 12, 1999 6:14 PM
>For priests, the same deal. Moreover, don't just allow priests to cast
>spells like wizards - they just can't snap their fingers and poof a
>spell is cast - I make my PC PRAY for their spells - if I don't like
>what they say, or if I don't think its said with conviction or feeling,
>then their Power doesn't respond! They have to explain to their Power
>(me) exactly why they need this spell or no spell for you cowboy!

Darren raises a good point here. I, for one, keep an eye on the costs of
spell componants, and require donations be made when the spells are cast to
advance some private purpose rather than the cause of the diety. If the
diety is not being advance, offerings coresponding to the chart on DMG p.
113 are required.

Fighting a rival sect? Cast to your heart's desire.
Looking for glory or treasure, that's 50 gp per bless or cure light wounds
in burned insense (libations in Khinasi) when you get home.

Kenneth Gauck