Jim Cooper wrote:

> And make it expensive! I usually make the cost around
> 1 GB per *level* of spell to research battle/realm spells, and that is
> only a 10+ success roll too.

Here are some rules that Siebharrin & I created for our PBeM. The success & cost is heavily dependent upon the players description of what he wants, and what resources he has available to use in the creation.

For purpose of magical item creation/research, the formula for success is:
20 (base) - 1/2 character level - Dm mods (based on description & total GBs spent on the project).

Regency points may be spent to improve the success chance.

I.E. The Tsarina of Rzhlev (level 11) creates something nasty to use against Berhagen.
Her chance of success is: 20 (base) - 5.5 (1/2 PC level) = 14.5.
Then the Dm adds/subtracts his estimation of what the player has described. It is deemed 'nasty' and is given a +3 (making it harder) & rounds up, for a success chance of 18+.
Then she decides to spend 30 rps to reduce the score, which brings it down to 8+. The Dm rolls for success.

The cost is calculated thus:
XP value of item to be created (DMG)/GBs spent to create it/character level/GB value of research facility.

Thus, the HMA creates a Wand of Conjuration (7000 xp value). He has got a 5GB research lab in Abbatour, and spends 50 GBs on the project.

7000/50/16/5 = 1.75 years = 7 turns to create. (Again, any fractions are rounded up.)
Success chance: 20 - 8 (1/2 level) =12+

What do you think?

> Never again, never BR, never magic no more forever! Keep the Realms
> Forgotten!!!!

That's a catchy phrase D.... we are smart..... we are strong.... we have power.....

Morg (and on his behalf.... Sieb)

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