The aggressor Mage forms Ley Lines into the target country. This only
works as long as there is no other Mage with source holdings in the
target country or if the aggressor Mage can convince the resident Mage
that he has no hostile intent. The aggressor Mage then cast a Warding
the provinces, effectively isolating them from each other. If there is
no resident Mage or Temple to Dispel the Wardings the aggressor Mage
then leads the attacking army through the Wardings and eliminates the
defending units. QED


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> Which requires the same things. And only elves seems to have enough of
> both. I have seen an elven nation destroy a human nation within two
> actions. Makes me wonder how in hells name the elves were ever

Hey, that sounds quite interesting. Can you explain exactly how?

And while I'm at it, does anyone else care to share any other
Birthright strategies with me? I really could use em, for while I have
been DMin for almost 10 years now, I've only recently started DMin a
Birthright campaign and I still need to learn a lot of things like how
effectively manage NPC domains.
Thank you so much...

- the Falcon

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