> Well, as for your ruling on not being able to research a spell that
> detects ley lines, I would have to disagree. But then again, we can
> agree to disagree on this one. My reasoning for allowing this is
> simple: The Priest character's main duty is to forward the aims of
> his deity, and through that, protect his flock. By researching a
> detect ley line priestly realm spell, it keeps the populace from being
> potentially slaughtered by an invader.

So you allow priests to research fireballs, magic missiles, read magic
and so on? Or let wizards create healing spells or spells that allow
comminication with a deity (i.e. augery)? No, of coarse not.

While the effects of some spells might look the same, there is a
fundamental difference between wizard and priestly magic. One of those
things is ley-lines. When a priest casts a detect magic, he is not able
to detect the school of magic, only the sphere. Why? Because he is not
familiar with the school thing. A priest is not familiar with how
ley-lines work, as you yourself pointed out in a discussion on a message
board. He would not even know where he is looking for.

As a side note, wizardly divination magic is on a completely different
area as priestly. Wizards have spells as 'magic mirror' and
'clairaudience'. Priests have spells as 'augery' and such. So even here
there is a difference between the two. Though both indeed have the
'detect' spells.

Pieter Sleijpen