The reason that I was so successful was a couple of things.

1) There are no source holders within the Rohrmarch. Only the Sayer has
any sources there. Initially, I was under the impression that I had to
establish a source to forge a ley line to it. Then the player of the Sayer
(rhyming) informed me of the rule within the Book of Magecraft where it
states that I do not need to. The Sayer, in turn, revealed to Dosiere my
plans, which started this whole thing. Whether that was OOC conversation or
IC conversation is for another discussion, but it happened nonetheless.

2) The combined regency of all holdings generated was still not enough to be
able to actively dispel any realm spell that I wanted to cast. I had enough
stored up to be able to counter through RP bidding whatever they could have
thrown at me.

3) They were in negotiations to end the civil war that had been separating
their nation. They made the mistake of disbanding their troops to
facilitate this negotiation. While this was good for their diplomacy, it
makes them weak when it comes to outside attack. I merely took advantage of
the situation, the same as Shawn taking advantage of Avan's weaknesses to
conquer him.

4) I had prior military intelligence as to all of this information, or it
was revealed on the message boards or the news and rumors.

Had they finished their negotiations and actually united, I would not have
been as successful as I was, or at least there would have been more
resistance. I personally do not think anyone can blame me, as a player, for
taking advantage of the situation to my benefit.

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| Which requires the same things. And only elves seems to have enough of
| both. I have seen an elven nation destroy a human nation within two
| actions. Makes me wonder how in hells name the elves were ever defeated!
| (Besides, any mage I currently DM on the PBEM is of high enough level to
| cast the spell, has got enough sources to cast the thing and also the
| backing of an army -that is Erik Danig, the Fae, Rhuobhe, Bacaele (he
| will have it anyway)-. Seems not to be that rare, now does it?)
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