I think I'd have to go for "stays priest class without spells" option or
something similar.

I feel a deity wants as many followers as possible, and while some priests
will be great disappointments, they are still adding to the faith of the deity
and spreading his/her name. I would suggest that Belinik would see this priest
as a great disappointment and remove the privileges of being his priest - but
in stages. Firstly the minor access spheres, then if there is no improvement
over say, a week, remove all the specialty bonuses, followed lastly by granting
only minor access to the major spheres. A quest or otherwise great show of
faith should be required to reverse each of these.
This priest really should not revert to another class, except under the dual
class rules where the priest drops all priestly duties, retaining only the hit
points of the former class, going away to think about his future, picking up
another class -from level 0- until he is ready to follow his deity again or
leave the fold forever. The deity of course is not going to be happy about
this and will feel that an example will need to be made of the errant minion
(although another more benevolent deity may be more patient - if you love
something, set it free and all that stuff...).
In similar circumstances, I might have Belinik visit a similar level priest
in a dream/ vision and say that he wanted a blood sacrifice - the blood of the
errant priest. This could be stretched over several sessions as the PC
discovers he is being hunted down. If for the final showdown the PC priest now
shows that he is worthy of Belinik, Belinik may accept the sacrifice of the
opponent priest for the regaining of the PC's powers - and calling off the

From your description of the situation, it sounds more like the PC does not
really want to play that sort of priest. It may be worth sitting down with
him/her and discussing rolling up a new character.

My 2cp. :)

Doyle (Dubhghaill)

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>Thanks! We now have 1 arguement for: stays priest class without spells,
>and yours for: they revert to their base class (well, 2 with my vote).
>Anyone else care to make their case? :)