I have always run campaigns with the fallen Clerics as Clerics without
spells. They either find another deity to grant them powers or somehow
repent and rejoin their faith. It's really lots of fun if they are high
enough level to attract attention from their former church.

There are a lot of unknown variables: level of player, conditions for
loosing grace, alignment, type of campaign, and even style of DM and
Players. However, I've never allowed or even seen someone allow a fallen
cleric to become another class. Loose their powers and go on a quest while
avoiding their former friends? Yes. Suddenly gain all the advantages of
becoming a fighter? No.

Semper Fidelis,

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Pieter Sleijpen wrote:
> If the priest still does not behave properly, the priest will indeed
> turn into a warrior of half the level of the priest (I am not that sure on
this half-bit though).<

Thanks! We now have 1 arguement for: stays priest class without spells,
and yours for: they revert to their base class (well, 2 with my vote).

Anyone else care to make their case? :)