Ah, one more question:

In your opinion, who do you think commands more respect in Vos society -
the clan leader (warriors), or a priest(s) of Belinik (regardless of
whether or not said priests can actually cast spells)?

Now, in my opinion, just like in other cultures, I think priests (of
both Belinik and Kriesha) could wield great influence in Vos society -
to the point where their word is law. More to the point, wouldn't Vos
priests be able to override the laws of the regent (unless of course,
the warrior was TREMENDOUSLY popular with his warriors)? Is it more
proper for a Vos warrior to show allegience to his "liege" (as in
Anuirean culture), or would the Vos priests DEMAND allegience from
warriors first and foremost than any other secular ties a warrior had to
his clan and comrades?

Just seeking a general concensus ... :D