Speaking of Wizard kits...

But before that:
New proficiency

One hand Spellcasting

Group - Wizard Relevant ability - Inteligence
Cost - 2 Slots Check Modifier - NA

This proficiency allows wizards and magicians to cast spells with Somatic
components using only one hand. This proficiency is not tested normally -
the probability of spell failure is determined using a pecentile dice roll
and the following equation:

Chance of spell failure (%) = [20 - Spellcaster level] x [Spell level x 5]

(Ex: INT 16; 1st level spell: 20% failure
INT 16; 3rd level spell: 60% failure
INT 18; 1st level spell: 30% failure
INT 18; 3rd level spell: 60% failure)

It is possible to reduce the penalties if the caster choses to cast the
spell as if he(she) was of a lower level than he (she) actually is. The
penalties are reduced 5% per spellcasting level bellow the actual level of
the caster.

If the spell also has a Material component the penalties are increased by

(Ex Hm Aelies (W16) is fighting the Westmarch Dragon. His left shoulder is
completely crushed after a vicious bite that almost took his life. Hm
Aelies is in serious trouble. In a bold move he decides to cast a Fireball
with his good arm instead of trying to escape (INT 17; 3rd level spell: 45%
+ 15%(sulphur) = 60% of spell falure). But Aelies is in a tight spot and
60% is a high chance of failure and he doesn┬┤t really need all his skill to
create a 10d6 fireball. So, he decides to cast it as if he was a 10th level
spellcaster ( - (6 x 5)% of spell failure - now only 30%). Aelies is a bold
chap. If he was really scared he would cast a 5d6 fireball (as a 5th level
wizard - the lowest wizard possible level if you want to cast a 3rd level
spell) and his chance of failure would only be 5% (- (11 x 5)% of spell

Boy, was this a lengthy prof. description or what?


As the name implies, the Battlemage is an Anuirean wizard specially trained
to wield magic in the Battlefield. This kit is not barred to any other of
the Cerilian races but non-Anuirean Battlemages are inexistent because all
of the existing were specially trained in the college of Sorcery for this
specific role. Though the responsable for the college vehemently deny, the
Battlemage is obviously an attempt to duplicate the milenia-old Elven
Battlemages (Dual classed wizard/fighters with elven chain mail and
spellsong - a devastating combination).

Requirements: STR 13; DEX 9; INT 9
Prime requisites: INT and STR
Weapon proficiencies: Members of this kit can use any weapon. They rarely
(if ever) use two-handed weapons. The most common are long or short sword.
Nonweapon proficiencies: Bonus: One hand spellcasting
Required: Read Anuirean; Strategy; Heraldry

Special benefits:
- - Battlemages gain hp┬┤s as Rogues do (d6 ┬┤till 10th level, +2hp/level
- - Use the Rogue Thac0 table instead of the Wizard one.
- - Can pick proficiencies from both the wizard and warrior groups
- - Start of with two weapon proficiency slots instead of one.

- - Can cast spells while using armor up to Banded mail
When doing this, the chance of spell failure is determined by the
following equation:

Chance of Spell Failure(%) = [5 x (10 - Armor┬┤s AC)] - Wizard┬┤s Dex Score

(The armor AC bit of the equation accounts for the natural AC provided by
the armor - magical bonuses should be ignored for this particular purpose)
These penalties are cumulative with any others (like those from single
handed spellcasting).

Special Hindrances:
- - Battlemages start with 3 nonweapon proficiencies (plus the bonus slots
from the INT score) - all of this 3 are already chosen for the Battlemage
in the beggining of his career (see the Required Proficiencies above).
- - Barred Schools: Greater divination, necromancy, enchantment/charm
- - "Less worked" Schools: Abjuration, Ilusion ( -15% of spell learning.
Battlemages cast spells from these schools as if they were 2 levels lower
than they actually are.)
- - Battlemages MUST serve a liege (a regent or perhaps a mercenary captain).
They must also be a part of every battle they can (ranging from small
border skirmishes to full scale wars). Should a Battlemage spend more than
3 months without a battle he must start looking for a more "proper"
(warlike) liege.

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