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    Pieter Sleijpen

    War moves and moving troops

    Since a war is going to take place soon in my campaign, I was reading
    some of the rules on this. On page 58 of the Rulebook it is stated that
    if you move troops, they need 1 full action round and can not be used
    for any other action that round. If you declare war you can move them in
    each war move and still use them for attacks in the same war move
    without any penalties.
    Could you declare war and then move your troops within your own domain
    before invading someone else? Or is moving your troops within your own
    domain always a 'move troops' action, unless in defence against an
    invading army? The awnser to the first question should logicaly be
    'yes', but that will give the player the ability to surprise, because
    now he could concentrate the invading army 1 province away from the
    border out of sight from the enemy scouts. If he needs to concentrate
    the army at the border, that gives the defender a 1 round warning of an
    incoming invasion (if he was so smart as to place scout units at the
    border). But the rule of 'move troops' sounds illogical when compared to
    the war move rules. This could be compensated, by stating that an army
    could move into a province in 1 war move and only attack in the
    following. If they have to defend themselves in that same war move they
    will have a -1 on melee rating because of being tired. This will raise
    the value of scouts, because at the moment it is to late if you see an
    invading army marching at you.

    I hope you understand what I mean, but this really boggles me (not to
    mention that this might be a sollution to the surprise attacks problem
    in the PBEM)...

    Pieter Sleijpen

    P.S. If you cast a realm spell, the spell will start at the beginning of
    the next action round or in case of an instanteous spell at the end of
    the casting round, doesn't it?

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    War moves and moving troops

    Just a random thoughs, personally I haven't looked much at the war rules.

    If move troops doesn't allow the troops to do any other actions (presumed to
    include attacking, what else do troops do? *grin*), and declare war is
    neccessary to attack (and therefore calls up war moves), you can still attack
    from 2 provinces away, since their are multiple war moves in a round, right?
    And you can move through your own provinces in war moves.
    You couldn't attack from too far away (no father than you could move in 3 war
    However, if they're not involved in an attack that turn, even if a declare war
    was issued that round, troops could use the move troops free action to move.
    But they couldn't do both (no using move troops to move across several
    provinces, then moving during the war moves also)..


    - -joshua

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