Hey again.

I am writing a RL BR adventure for Roesone at the moment, and could use
a few suggestions. Heroes what I am going for:

The PCs are all local human farmers/blacksmiths or whatever. They all
begin unblooded (though a few might be tainted at the start but not know
it.) Basically, the plot is to get back to the old time D&D feeling. A
bunch of local yokels (sp??) must venture out to the evil temple at the
edge of town. Pretty basic at first.

Then, it gets more complicated as they go along. (Of course.) :)

Here's the real problems I have though:
1) I want to keep it very local at first. How to run/organize the
holdings etc. on a local level?
I have seen a few small threads on this before, but nothing to resolve
the problem. I think I shall start in Bellam province, so once the
players get a few levels & a bit of renown under their belt, how do they
begin to expand/open holdings? (I want them to eventually challenge for
the rule of from the Count, and then slowly expand, and at a timely (or
untimely perhaps) moment, they will seize the rule of Roesone itself.

So, how to run the 'local' holdings???

2) Why would this evil temple on the edge of town not be run down by the
Counts men, or for that matter, taken care of by Marlae's forces? Why
do the PCs need to get involved at all? Roesone is suppose to be a
little 'wild', but it is also rather small. If there is a nasty temple,
then I think most folks would know about it before too long and the Law
comes down on them.
Basically, I can't understand why the 'Temple of Elemental Evil' could
exist in Anuire.... Any ideas/suggestions on how & why such a nasty
place could exist in a 'civilized' realm?

3) The Tarkal Deeps. I plan to make heavy use of the info from the
Roesone handbook, and the Tarkal Deeps are going to be a mid level
adventure I think. The PS states that it may be connected to the
Spiderfell or even Ghoere by underground tunnels, and that it once was a
goblin stronghold/mine. Anyone have any nasty, wicked and deviant ideas
for this place???

Also, I plan to use that idea someone had on the list a few days back
about the necklace that had tighmaevrieihgighrollll needles on it.
(Don't remember who it was, sorry.) The puzzle idea to make a spear
head.... pure genius! I love it. I think the PCs are going to need to
collect these a few at a time in order to assemble the spear and use
it's powers to kill the 'big nasty' (who I haven't decided anything

Anyway, thanks for you help folks!


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