Whatever happened to fame, fortune and favours?
Fame: not just in the form of bonus RP's (although that would often be quite
handy), but consider the regents next diplomacy action, especially to Rjuric or
Vos courts where the herald has tacked on to his/her introduction "...who has
personally slain shadow world creatures / rescued Princess Madeline of Avanil"
should be worth a bonus to the success roll. Or perhaps an opposing regent
backs down on the idea of war when he hears how the Regent and his trusted
lieutenants without any other assistance destroyed an entire unit of infantry.
Fortune: not just more GB because a regent would have to be in dire straights
to require adventuring to be his main source of income. Consider the prestige
of having on display in the regents throne room ancient artefacts (the
non-magical sort) once belonging to long-gone cultures. Artwork, curio's or
books (previously mentioned) are all good non-magical, non-monetary reasons to
Favours: Either as a diplomacy barter point - rescuing the errant daughter,
retrieving a family heirloom, etc. Or the gratitude of some major NPC person /
family / race.

Just a thought ;-)


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>what are some things i can use to give character regents as
>prizes/rewards in
>adventures that are non-magical, since BR is very low magic?
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