Here are the D&D releases for the spring and summer. The cupboard
is bare, real bare. There isn't anything in BR at all and there are
only 4 truly new gaming items for D&D period plus 8 re-issues and the
Priests Spell Comp. 1st volume. This is pathetic imho.

Comment has been made in the past on this list concerning the products
announced for 1997 that were never released. It is my understanding that
a product was not finished as far in advance as I am afraid many of you
believe. In all probaility the only item which is anywhere ready to see
the light of day is the Book of Regency. The others are probably not that
far along.

Don Lail
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Subject: 2nd/3rd Quarter New Releases
From: (TSRKeith)
Date: 1/29/99 9:37 PM Eastern Standard Time

Here are the new AD&D releases for the 2nd & 3rd Quarter 98.
This is not a substitute for the actual catalog, which will
appear on the web soon. Sorry for the abbeviated text, but it's
Friday evening.


Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game $9.99
The most recent introduction to the best game around.
Geared toward acquiring new players.

Axe of the Dwarvish Lords (192 page book) $26.95
A high-level adventure in the tradition of Rod of Seven Parts,
involving the most powerful artifact of the dwarven clans.

AD&D Priest's Spell Compendium, Volume 1 $24.95
The first book in the official collection of every priest spell in the
AD&D game.

AD&D Children of the Night: Created $18.95 96 pages


DL 15th Anniversary Edition $25.95 224 pages
A collection of all 14-parts of the original DL story, revised and
updated for second edition, and including all new material.


Return to the Keep on the Borderlands $12.95 64 pages
This presentation of the watershed D&D adventure allows fans to reexplore
the bestselling adventure of all times. Revised and updated to 2nd
Edition, this adventure expands upon the details of the original,
providing new thrills and adventure.

Skullport $18.95 96 pages
Go beneath Waterdeep and explore this subterranean Casablanca.

Menzoberranzan $30.00
This classic boxed set detailing the deadly city of the drow is available
once again.


Night Below $30.00
Explore the deadly realms of the underdark with this classic campaign
adventure, available again from your friends at TSR.

AD&D RL Carnival $13.95 64 pages

Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff $17.95 (25th Ann. Product)96 pages
Revisit and go beyond the classic E. Gary Gygax adventure. Includes all
new adventures.

Sea of Fallen Stars (box) FR $24.95
The ultimate underwater expansion for the Forgotten Realms.


Council of Wyrms $26.95 (192 pages)