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    Those letters to TSR

    This topic reminds me of something I went through a couple years ago. Now to
    start, I mean no offense but I am looking at history here. I dont think a
    letter writing campaign in and of itself is going to help much=( I have been
    around the TSR message boards and their web sites a long time. I have seen
    one campaign setting brought back from the "dead", "no plans for products in
    the forseeable future" &/or "temporarily discontinued"
    That setting was greyhawk.

    After that setting had the plug pulled a lot went on between the consumers
    and TSR. By and large the world of greyhawk fans were ignored by the powers
    that be on the ol America online message board and many people there ignored
    TSR (I aint trying to blame anyone just telling what I am remembering).
    There were letter writing campaigns, protests, revolts a call in campaign if
    I remember right etc etc.

    What finally got GH brought back? (this is speculation on my part). 1) fan
    support. There were a lot of posters going merrily on without any official
    involvment. The GH message board often had more posts (and quality posts at
    that) then the FR message board or Darksun or any other setting at that
    time. I think this attracted the attention of several TSR folks who began to
    take notice and watched for ideas etc.

    2. Also falls under fan support. There were chats through various chat
    programs and this brought a lot of fans together (many chat programs work
    regardless of whatever ISP or what have you). This allowed more people to
    get together share ideas and the setting grew through this.

    On top of this there was a semi offical fan club formed and they began doing
    a lot of orignial stuff..

    3. People stressed the originality of the setting. GH wasn't/isnt a clone of
    FR. They showed a need for it in that the setting attracted its own fans,
    fans that wouldn't or weren't satisfied with any other setting at that time
    (GH is a swords and sorcery type setting as opposed to a high magic type
    setting which is FR. This is not to slam any setting or say any settings bad
    just that different people have different tastes.).

    So, anyway, I think to see BR brought back is going to require more then a
    letter writing campaign=( I think we could all learn alot by looking at
    other settings that were brought back and what went into bringing em back (I
    think GH is the only line thats been discontinued and brought back?). Its
    going to take fan support, proof to TSR that the setting will have a fan
    base, that there is a need for the setting in that its unique and not just a
    clone of another setting and it will help if the attention of some TSR
    designers or powers that be could be brought to the setting.

    Of course I will still send mail to TSR requesting the setting be brought

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    >Subject: Re: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Those Letters to TSR...
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    >So is everyone up for sending some snail mail to TSR telling them how much
    >like BR and what could make it better? I suggest we put the BR Netlogo
    >somewhere on the envelope and on the letter itself. I am currently
    iquiring as
    >to the address we should send these letters to, I should have an answer by
    >Tuesday or Wednesday.
    >Is eveyone willing to do this? And willing to tell any BR lovers that are
    >on the list about it? We need more than three letters if we are going to
    >- -Andrew

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    Those letters to TSR

    Not to start a thread or anything BUT I'm going to add my thoughts on why GH
    was brought back.
    Wizards was started by AD&D players right? They had to be to come up with a
    brilliant card game that got thousands of gamers to by the game. I think
    "the Wizard people" knew of the demand for GH and saw the market for it.
    Making peace with GG helped alot too.
    In regards to BR, I think this is quite possible if the right people stay on
    board at TSR and watch the BR fans grow. They will see the large fan-base
    and say...
    "now what if TSR hadn't canceled GH..." Of course I don't want to play a
    what if game BUT Wizards/TSR could say "WHAT IF we DON'T revamp the BR
    BTW I would suggest everyone go to their local game store and make
    arrangements with the manager to have a big campaign for the BR letter
    writing... Collect a list of players, basically a petition of players that
    will send letters. Ask the store to sponsor these letters. The store would
    just send a short letter explaining the need for the BR campaign and that
    TSR should expect letters from "these" people. And then "those people"
    should write in about starting BR again.
    I think this may work.

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    Kai Beste

    Those letters to TSR

    This may be a stupid question, but can anybody give me the TSR
    adress (for snail mail)? I have the old adress somewhere, but I
    suppose it changed due to the WotC takeover...


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