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Thread: Elven Rangers

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    Elven Rangers wrote:

    > I have got to say, I do not like the idea of Elven Rangers having Magic.

    Thats odd, I don't like the idea of BR elves haveing priestly magic...

    > I have always just explained it by saying that Ranger get their power from the
    > land. I put forth that there are forces unlering in nature that are not
    > beings, but just forces.

    Being a priest of a force is not signifigantly different from being a priest of a
    power, But if you wish to use that explaination, fine.

    > It is the forces that the ranger recieve their power from. The forces are not
    > powerful, but they are there to be controlled. It explains in my mind, why elves
    > do not worship gods since they are intune with the forces that the gods
    > themselves are in tune with. It also explains why they live as long as they do,
    > and why they do not destroy sources as the
    > population grows.

    The power of magic runs in elven blood, this is why even non blooded elves may be
    true mages. Believing in something other themselves is counter to the elven way
    of life. There is not a "Force" of the woodlands which must be protected, elves
    must protect the woodland.


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    Elven Rangers

    > > > > There is another way to treat this, Long ago in the first edition rule
    > > > > booksRangers recieved mage spells, it would be easy to allow Elven
    > > > > Rangers in Birthright to have access to the schools of Enchantment/Charm, All and another school, say Alteration.
    > OR maybe Illusion...

    or Divination or maybe both... how about complete access to
    Enchantment/Charm, and access to 1st- and 2nd-level spells only of
    Divination, Illusion, and Universal Magic?

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    Elven Rangers

    In a message dated 99-02-03 07:51:13 EST, you write:


    Why is believeing in something other then themselves not the elven way. They
    believe in magic. They believe in the connection to the land. In fact it is
    this "connection" that allows them to invest with the realm spell cast. It is
    this connection that gives Rangers, who are more in tune with the forces of
    nature then other elves, their preist like spells and powers. Elves live in
    tune with nature, and therefore do not have to grow crops as humans do, not
    cultavate as humans do. They also have a great understanding of the magic
    flows, so "prtecting" the land is something the choose to do. They live in
    harmony, and the generations of hatred that has stemed from the human vs elf
    conflicts make them the protectors of the land because they see the magic
    depletion as a depletion of their power and their essence.

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