> Exactly - and herein lies my arguement! Maybe we're just saying the
> same thing from different view points? :D

Seems like we do :)

> > Again, maybe my statement was a bit misleading. I was talking about
> > the average level of education, regardless of class. In the Brecht
> > lands, we find a much broader middle class than in Anuire, and I
> > think the HOTGB supports my view.<
> Absolutely. So, do you mean scholarly education (religion, literacy,
> philosophy) or do you mean trade education (glass
> blowing/metal-working/etc.)? I would say Anuirean the former, Brecht
> the latter ... If so, then yes, we are talking about the same thing.

Yes, that's what I meant. I think the Anuireans (religion,
philosophy, and literacy) and Khinasi (medieval natural science,
medicine etc) are the more scholarly types, while the Brecht prefer
more down-to-earth, turn-out-profit-quickly occupations (most trades
and crafts).