I know that this procedure is used by a number of people already, but
I believe
that the biggest thing to look at in your mail is the Landed regent's
claim on
all that untaxed gold. :-)

I think that each end point of a TR should claim 40%-50% of the gold,
and if there are other regents lands that have to be crossed, then
each of them can take one GB in road maintenance and protection. With
all this taken into account, the guilds
will not exceed the Landed regents in income, and they may actually
end up losing a GB or two each turn that the TR operates. But they
still get all of that nice RPs.


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From: Jonathan Ingram [mailto:jingram@pacifier.com]

A simple fix for the absolutely outrageous wealth that guilds can
is to change the formula for calculating the income from a trade
Instead of averaging the province levels at each end of the route,
the level of the guild holdings on each end of the trade route.

So, if I have a G(2) in Caercas (5) and a G(1) in Abbatuor (2), the
from my trade route is 2 + 1 / 2 = 1.5 rounded to 2GB rather than 5 +
2 / 2
= 3.5 rounded to 4GB.

To be even sterner, round numbers down instead of up. And keep in mind
any regent worth his salt will claim around 50% of income from trade
running through his territory, so the guild makes at best 1GB under

What does everyone think?