the Falcon wrote:
> A Haelyn-fearing society? Why on Aebrynis would the Anuireans fear Haelyn? Isn't he their patron? I see no reason for them to fear him.<

Have you ever seen Haelyn angry? Whooo-yeee! That's a fearsome sight!
Lightning and tornadoes everywhere (when He is angry, so too is
Cuiraecen!), thunder, fire, death, and righteous retribution! I'm
pretty sure the typical Anuirean unwashed fears their patron with good

(Mostly because they KNOW they can never measure up to His strict
requirements for purity! I mean, who wants to be CHASTE all their
life!?!?! Egad! And just?!? That's only in the dreams of commoners!
Modest?!? Anuirean nobles?!? Mostly, I suspect, Anuireans hope and
pray and appeal to Haelyn's great sense of mercy to allow them into the
Seven Heavens in the afterlife).

Kinda like the worshippers in another type of religion that sounds
familiar ...