The Bretcht aren't everyones favourite. I personally like the
Anuireans. I like them because I like the Knights in shining armour,
king arthur feel I get when I read about the anuireans and novel
involving the anuireans.

- ---Jim Cooper wrote:
> Kai Beste wrote:
> > There is no reason why the Brecht should despise their regents. They
> > are just more likely to think about the regents motivation and
> > criticise him than are the Anuireans.<
> Hmmm ... interesting. Considering the cut throat nature of Anuirean
> politics (at least in my eyes) I always thought the reverse would be
> true. IMO, I see the Brecht as more cloak and dagger style - more
> subtle and secretive in their politics as with anything else that they
> deal in. That one picture in the BoP of Sera says it all to me -
> backroom shady deals, centered on a 'your (gangsta) family' and a
> distinct lack of face-to-face politics. On the other hand, I have
> always seen Anuireans more of a public senate style rulership, their
> rulers always up front for all to view and judge, as I think is
> appropriate in a Haelyn fearing society. Does anyone else agree with
> this view?
> Man, I guess I just have completely opposite views compared to
> else on this list ...
> > Maybe it's just me, but I think the average level of education in
Brechtuer is much higher than in Anuire.<
> Here again, I have always seen the reverse to be true, although I
> think there is *that* big a difference between cultures. In a world
> where the gods are very much tied to specific cultures, I should think
> they would have an effect on the societies they 'parent'. Well,
> Anuireans have Haelyn and Ruornil, as opposed to the Brecht who have
> Sera and Eloele. I have always seen H & R as more studious than S &
> Plus, the Anuireans have (it seems to me) more bardic colleges, the
> College of Sorcery**, and all those old imperial offices, which
> precludes the need for an education. Thus I had concluded that the
> Anuireans as a more cloistered, book people, as opposed to the Brecht
> who seem to be more 'life-experience' educated orientated. To an
> Anuirean, they go to their local church to be educated, being locked
> in a musty old room with ancient texts and religious teachings,
> the Brecht glean knowledge through travel and sight-seeing with their
> shipmates. At least, thats the way I see it. Am I in complete
> opposition to everyone else again?
> Man, the Brecht seem to be everyone's favorite, even in my own group.
> Any particular reasons? Or is it just my favourite people on this
> who think this way? :D (I would have thought the Vos would be number
> one - there something just too primeval not to be!!! :D)
> Cheers,
> Darren
> ** Especially after the Great Bretrayal by the wizzies of the CoS, I
> always believed that they have been trying to win back some respect
> face by sponsoring colleges and the like, making education more
> accessible to the masses to educate them on magic and Cerilia ...
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