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    Realm spells and lieutenant

    > In addition to the points raised by others I would add that a strict
    > interpretation of the rules has it that a Lt. can only perform domain
    > actions and not realm actions. All realm spells would be classed imo
    > as realm actions but YMMV.

    Casting a realm spell isn't a realm action, is it?

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    Jim Cooper

    Realm spells and lieutenant

    the Falcon wrote:
    > Casting a realm spell isn't a realm action, is it?<

    Actually, it says "Type: Domain" under the Heading. (Funny its called
    'realm', huh?) I would imagine, though, that if it affects more than 1
    province, it could be considered a realm action. You see that's one big
    gapeing, confusing hole in the rulebook terminology - the difference
    between domains and realms ...


    (I wonder if WotC would let me re-write the whole book, print out a nice
    big production run, let them have all the profit - I wonder if they
    would let me do that ...?)

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