Jim Cooper, also know as Darren to the enlightened, wrote:

> > There is no reason why the Brecht should despise their regents. They
> > are just more likely to think about the regents motivation and
> > criticise him than are the Anuireans.<
> Hmmm ... interesting. Considering the cut throat nature of Anuirean
> politics (at least in my eyes) I always thought the reverse would be
> true. IMO, I see the Brecht as more cloak and dagger style - more
> subtle and secretive in their politics as with anything else that they
> deal in. That one picture in the BoP of Sera says it all to me -
> backroom shady deals, centered on a 'your (gangsta) family' and a
> distinct lack of face-to-face politics. On the other hand, I have
> always seen Anuireans more of a public senate style rulership, their
> rulers always up front for all to view and judge, as I think is
> appropriate in a Haelyn fearing society. Does anyone else agree with
> this view?

Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. I did not mean to say that the
Brecht will openly criticise their regent. But I think there's a huge
difference in how the commoners see their regents. In Anuire,
commoners are probably properly awed when they catch a glimpse of
their rightful lord. They will say "look, there's our good duke XXX,
he will take care of our problems."
In Brechtuer, things are a bit different. Peoply still respect their
regent, but they are more pragmatic and more likely to take things
into their own hands. They'll say "well, he's our lord, but he can't
do everything, so we better look out for ourselves."

> Man, I guess I just have completely opposite views compared to everyone
> else on this list ...

> > Maybe it's just me, but I think the average level of education in Brechtuer
> is much higher than in Anuire.<

> Here again, I have always seen the reverse to be true, although I don't
> think there is *that* big a difference between cultures. In a world
> where the gods are very much tied to specific cultures, I should think
> they would have an effect on the societies they 'parent'. Well,
> Anuireans have Haelyn and Ruornil, as opposed to the Brecht who have
> Sera and Eloele. I have always seen H & R as more studious than S & E.
> Plus, the Anuireans have (it seems to me) more bardic colleges, the
> College of Sorcery**, and all those old imperial offices, which
> precludes the need for an education. Thus I had concluded that the
> Anuireans as a more cloistered, book people, as opposed to the Brecht
> who seem to be more 'life-experience' educated orientated. To an
> Anuirean, they go to their local church to be educated, being locked up
> in a musty old room with ancient texts and religious teachings, whereas
> the Brecht glean knowledge through travel and sight-seeing with their
> shipmates. At least, thats the way I see it. Am I in complete
> opposition to everyone else again?

Again, maybe my statement was a bit misleading. I was talking about
the average level of education, regardless of class. In the Brecht
lands, we find a much broader middle class than in Anuire, and I
think the HOTGB supports my view. This means, that in Brechtuer there
is a larger number of people who recieve a formal education, or are
apprenticed to craftsmen. On average, there will be much more people
who can read and write.
Education will also be coloured by the background. Your basic
Anuirean will see most things in shades of Haelyn's teaching.
Anuirean scholars are much more likely to be sponsored by the church
(scholastic monks etc.), or at least adhere to church doctrine, at
least on the outside. ("But the Book of Fitzalan says we must not
inquire into this matter...")
The Brechts, as I already stated, are more pragmatic. They are not
above "stealing" knowledge (after all, Sera is a godess of thieves)
and adapting it to their needs (hmmm, Bill Gates must be Brecht :),
taking what's best, and leaving out the rest. ("Fitzalan is dead, so
he won't look over my shoulder and see me doing this.")
The Khinasi are different again. In terms of reasearch and knowledge
gathering they can be compared to our real world's Arabs.

> Man, the Brecht seem to be everyone's favorite, even in my own group.
> Any particular reasons? Or is it just my favourite people on this list
> who think this way? :D (I would have thought the Vos would be number
> one - there something just too primeval not to be!!! :D)

No, I really like the Vos. Too bad my players don't. Perhaps another
encounter with a few Vos berserkers is in order :)