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    Pieter Sleijpen

    Faith of rangers (was: Bards an

    Technically speaking a ranger would be able to worship any deity that is
    worshiped by good aligned folks. The Cerilian gods are not that strict
    on alignment, so that is a little bit to simple to me. This would mean
    that only Kriesha and Belinik can not have rangers. I would take a look
    at the philosophies of the deities in question and compare them to the
    ranger out look on the world. In my opinion this would give the
    following list (there will always be exceptions):

    Haelyn - Yes, especialy those people trying to bring justice to run away
    criminals (fleeing into the Five Peaks for instance), defending the
    common populace, advice kings on wildlife management and so on.

    Nasri - Rarely, but not unthinkeble. There is a sea-ranger kit and for
    that ranger Nasri would be an obivious choice.

    Avani - No. In my opinion Avani is to much a scholar and godess of
    civilisation to have ranger worshippers. Her association with magic
    (which is closely aligned with nature on Cerilia) is also not of that

    Sarma/Eloele - No, for obvious reasons.

    Khirdai - Rarely, though not unthinkeble. Several temples use their
    beliefs not for war's sake, but to defend the defenceless. Rangers with
    an aggresive bent (or with strong feelings of revange) or scouts might
    worship him.

    Erik/Rilni - These two gods are perfect. In fact the holy champion
    spoken of in Medoure's Player Secrets, might be a ranger. Most rangers
    probably worship these two deities.

    Leira - Not unthinkeble. She is the godess of beauty afterall and there
    are a lot of very beautiful spots in the wilderniss. While gardens are
    not exactly wilderniss, I have no difficulties immagining a ranger
    protecting and caring for them. Protecting lovers fleeing from the wrath
    of their parents and all that kind of things are also easy to associate
    with rangers.

    Pieter Sleijpen

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    Jim Cooper

    Faith of rangers (was: Bards an

    Actually, wouldn't a Power rangers worshipped have to include the plant
    and animal sphere's in their influence? This then would only make
    possible Erik. Otherwise, they wouldn't be anything more than
    specilized fighters. Of course, if a player really wanted to restrict
    their spell selection table, than I wouldn't have a problem with that!
    Say, the Power only allowed Animal spheres, then that would include most
    of the Powers in Cerilia ...


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