I am planning a few new types of ships for a PBeM (and to use in my RL
campaign). Since many of you are very knowlageable about such things,
please let me know how feasable these ideas sound:

Heavy Anuirean Transport (Heavy Brecht Transport)
Availability: Anuire (Brechtur)
Cost: 13 GB (10 GB)
Hull: 3
Seaworthiness: 16 (17)
Capacity: 4 units/10 GB (3 Units/8 GB)

Defense: 4
Boarding: 1
Morale: 2 Icons
Missile: 0

Description: The Anuirean Heavy Transport is a modified version of a
Galleon. The Brecht version uses a Roundship. In both ships the beam
has been increased and special rigs have been added to the sides to hold

extra longboats. The areas normally used for weapons, ammuntion, and
the fighting crew quarters (ie. ones that man the missile weapons and
the standard marines) have been changed to accomadate more troops. A
special section has been added to more adequately carry horses. This
allows one, and only one, enbarked mounted unit to count as one unit
instead of two for purposes of troop capacity. These ships are most
commenly used for transporting large numbers of troops. They are
usually well escorted, as they have little defenses other than thier
cargo. When used for trade purposes, the Heavy Transports may only
connect ports 15 or fewer maritieme areas apart. This is mainly due to
thier incredibly slow speed. Heavy Transports are also ill-suited to
Exploratory Trade. The Khinasi have not yet developed such a ship, most

likely because they prefer fast, sleek ships. The Lord Govenor of
Suiriene might be the first one to introduce these ships to Khinasi and
add them to his already impressive fleet-for-hire.

Availability: Khinasi
Cost: 18 GB
MC: A + 1
Hull: 3
Seaworthiness: 13
Capacity: 1 Unit/1 GB

Defense: 3
Boarding: 4
Morale: 3 Icons
Missile: 4

Description: The Clipper is basically the same as the Boston Clippers of

the 19th century. It is low-sided, sharp-bowed, and had huge sharply
raking masts. Its draft was rather deep and greatest at the heel of the

rudder. The Clipper has little room for cargo or troops, but makes up
for this loss with an unsurpassed missile rating. The Clipper's MC
actually exceeds A, and add 1 to its movement in battle and general
sailing (so when sailing into any wind in battle its movement is 2).