I've been lurking on this list for quite a while now, and I finally
decided to ask a few questions. I don't really like most of the Player's
Secrets books (most aren't for the players), but some of them have
interesting rumors and plots in them. Ok, now for the questions.

1. In the Talinie sourcebook it states that a logger found a necklace of
pins. The necklace itself was a regular metal, but the pins are made of
Tighmaevril. I have thought about this for a while and have not been
able to come up with any ideas on how to use them as a weapon (assuming
they are weapons). Does anybody have any ideas concerning this

2. In the Medoere sourcebook, there is a passage about the champion of
Medoere. The book refers to this champion as a paladin who can wield
the Sword of Enlien (and gain its power as a Holy Avenger). Since
Ruornil cannot have paladins (BoP), does this mean that the Champion
will be a fighter who believes in Ruornil? It cannot be a priest of
Ruornil because they are forbidden from using edged weapons. Any
thoughts on this?


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