I think Greatheart is the best of the BR novels, and probably my favorite
of all TSR fiction. It gave me much more insight into the Sidhelien than
the Tuarhievel sourcebook did. I don't know if you can still find it out
there anyplace, but I recommend it if you can, particularly if you have any
interest in BR elves.

I was disappointed by War. IMO it had too much emphasis on sex for a novel
geared toward AD&D players, many of whom are fairly young.

Craig Greeson

Tommy Ashton II wrote:
> I left one out: Greatheart (about elves)
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> >The Iron Throne
> >War
> >The Hag's Domain
> >The Spider's Test
> >The Shadow Stone-a FR novel but based on an unpublished Rich Baker novel
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> >>Just a quick question. Does anyone have a list of all the Birthright
> >>novels published? I've not been able to find one.