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Dato: 23. januar 1999 15:32
Emne: Re: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Realm Names

>> . -fjord means
>> jsut that a Fjord or in english it's often called a bay (?). So if you
>> take a look at just the places with these suffixes (-oya and -fjord)
>> you'll se that they don't fit in any way...
>Well kinda. A fjord and a bay are kinda different. Fjords are usually a lot
>more impressive and have very steep sides and are very deep for their width
>(over 300 feet deep for something that is maybe a half a mile wide.. Bays can
>range from areas surrounded by flat land or by mountains. Fjords are glacial
>creations and I think they're only in Scandinavia, although there might be some
>in Canada or Alaska (I dunno).

Fjords are actually drowned valleys made by glaciers in the last dozen or so ice ages (latest one approx 10000 years ago.
They can be incredible deep, and the deepest one in Norway is approx 1500 meters (Thats 4500 feet for those off the metric system)
Since they are a product of glacial activity they can be found every where glaciers can burrow into bedrock and make the charicaristic narrow and deep valleys. Most commen though in Scandinavia (Mostly Norway) and Alaska.

Norwegian language 101 course:

A bay is NOT a Fjord, it is much wider than a fjord and is in norway called a "bukt"
- -oya is actually written -oeya and means Island


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